My name is Miska,

I was born blind and came over from Eygpt. Not much is really know about my past but I am a sweetheart.

Some important things you should know about me. I do like kids but would do best in a home with older children. The younger boys here are very gentle and nice to me but they are also very busy and the noise they make stresses me out a bit and a will start to spin.

My foster home also has cats and they keep their distance from me but if they are close enough for me to smell or hear then I want to chase them. So a home without cats or small pets would be ideal.

Chess my foster fursister is really great with me. We have nice play sessions with tug but when we wrestle I sometimes like to try and dominate her, foster mom says this is a no no as she is top dog! I’m working on and have gotten much better at keeping myself in check.

I am not house trained but foster mom and dad have been working hard to get me there. I don’t bark or whine. So I don’t signal to you when I have to go. We have been working with scents and bells to help me find the door. It’s still all very new but I am getting better. Foster mom and dad have both noticed after a little nap I will come up to them. They think this is me letting them know I need to go.

Clicker training is a must! I already know sit and I’m working on lay down. I can go in and out both doors which have stairs. Foster mom and dad always use command outside to let me know what we are doing. And say STEP when there is a step. Sometimes I need encouragement. This is where treats are handy(cheese is my weakness). Lead my noise to where the step is and I will figure it out. When we are outside foster mom says POTTY this helps me know what I’m suppose to be doing. When I pee she says POTTY and hands me a treat and gives a good scratch. Repeat steps for when I poop too.

When it comes to my crate. I’m good. Foster mom gives me either a puzzle feeder toy or a Kong when I go in Durning that day so I know it’s a good thing I settle pretty fast and don’t make a peep. At night I’m coaxed in with a treat while using the command HOUSE. I sleep through the night with no issues except for accidents in the morning. I just get so excited when everyone wakes up I have trouble holding my pee.

I eat in my crate ALWAYS because I do not like other animals near my food. People are okay but no animals. When it comes to breakfast and dinner time having me on a leash is important as I get super excited. I just lovvvvvee food. I need to learn to be calm and patient around it. As soon as I hear the bag open I will run in every direction. Without the leash I could seriously hurt myself.

I also like to have my space. A nice warm bed that I can curl up in, in a quiet corner would be nice after I’m done socializing. I’m not a cuddle dog I come to you when I want affection but I also wont pass up a nice Pat or scratch if you offer.

I know this is a lot to read, my foster mom wants to make sure you know everything.

I may not be able to see, but I’m a perfectly normal dog that does things in a different way. In the perfect environment I will be the best dog ever.